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Graduates often think their school work and project are done the minute they walk out of their last final exam. They forgot about one more research project they have to take on before taking the walk at the commencement, finding the perfect graduation invitation wording for their announcement to friends and family. It could be a daunting task to try to find verses that reflect their graduating class, memories, and personality.

College & university graduation invitations wording is different from high school or homeschool or elementary graduation announcements verses. The same with junior high school, 8th grade, and middle school, kindergarten, pre school. All of them should have different graduation announcement saying. Specific institutes and degree such as medical, nursing, and law school also have their own wording samples and ideas.

We feel your pain so we have collected and put together hundreds and thousands of graduate’s favorite verses, wording, famous quotes, and poems. This collection will you give a base idea on what to say on your invitation and you can personalize and create your own unique version. We also have ideas for graduation party invitations, reception invitations, thank you card, and many more.

We also provide hundreds of graduation invitation designs and templates that you can personalize with your own color, photo, and verses in just a few minutes. The downloadable PDF file you download from can be used to print on your own printer at home. Shop now and browse through our collection of free graduation invitations to find the perfect template for your celebrations.

After all the years of hard work and partying to achieve your goals, your graduation invitations and graduation announcements should reflect your accomplishment in style. Congratulations and remember never stop learning!

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